Planet Arlington New York State of Moind Ad Kids Camp Ad Mimi's Ad Mint Ad Whoadown Ad Levante Ad

Planet Arlington

Planet Arlington insert/program

To be inserted into the center of a newspaper and also handed out at the event. I used bold colors, large images, and organized design so the piece would work both as a newspaper advertisement and a program.

Planet Arlington and Washington City Paper

New York State of Mind ad

New York City Alzheimer's Association Benefit Ad

To used at 600x600 pixels online on facebook, instragram, and twitter. Needed to be eye-catching, but still contain readable text.

Marvel US Mgmt

Theatre Lab Kids Camp ad

Theatre Lab Summer Camp Ad

The Theatre Lab


Mimi's Restaurant Newspaper Ad

Mimi's and Washington City Paper

Mint Whoadown

Luv Lounge Live and Whoadown Concert Newspaper Ads

JCM Entertainment and Washington City Paper


Levante's Restaurant Newspaper Ad

I used colors and shapes that fit with the restaurant's existing identity and logo. New text and images could easily be added or exchanged.

Levante's and Washington City Paper

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