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Scratch Monkey Cover Stross dust jacket

Scratch Monkey by Charles Stross

A novel with virtual god-like beings (portrayed on cover). The stark white background and typography hint at the story's virtual technology elements.

art by Gregory Manchess; NESFA Press

Deep Navigation 2nd ed Deep Navigation dust jacket

Deep Navigation by Alastair Reynolds

A collection of thoughtful science fiction stories.

art by John Picacio; NESFA Press

Zelazny 1 cover Zelazny covers 2-8 Zelazny 1 dust jacket Zelazny spines

The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny, 6 volume set with bibliography

An exhastive collection of all of Roger Zelazney's short fiction and poetry. All covers were created from a single painting with elements from Zelazney's stories commissioned for this series. When all volumes are aligned on a shelf, their spines combine to form the painting. Different color blocks on the covers distinguish the volumes from each other at a glance.

art by Michael Whelan; NESFA Press

Lifelode cover Lifelide dust jacket

Lifelode by Jo Walton

A domestic fantasy novel. The paper's subtle "aging" hints at how time in the novel flows differently from east to west.

inset art by Stephan Martiniere; NESFA Press

Merril 1 Cover Merril 1 Cover Merril 1 dust jacket Merril 1 dust jacket

Homecalling by Judith Merril and Spaced Out by Judith Merril and C.M. Kornbluth

Science fiction short stories with a humanistic slant, mainly from the 1950s. Each volume needed to look related to the other.

art by James Warhola and William K. Hartmann; NESFA Press

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