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Holy Lit cover Holy Lit page 1 Holy Lit page 2-3

"Holy Lit!" cover story

Story on recent books on spirituality and atheism. Art direction and design.

art by Brian Ralph; Washington City Paper

E St cover E St spread 1 E St spread 2

"What's Inside Box No. 1997.0015 OHA 293.23?"
cover story

Story on recently discovered photographs from a mental hospital. Design with photographs chosen from a set curated by Darrow Montgomery.

Washington City Paper

Marion Barry Cover

"He's Still Marion Barry" cover

Cover story about Marion Barry. Challenge was to create a cover when no new photos were available. Design.

photograph by Darrow Montgomery; Washington City Paper

George Washington spread 1 George Washington spread 2

"The $50,630 Question" cover story

Story on rising tuition at George Washington University. Art direction and design.

photography by Darrow Montgomery; Washington City Paper

Top 20 vertical Top 20 horizontal

"Top 20" article in sideways spread

Article on the top 20 cds of the year. Design.

art direction by Pete Morelewicz, art by Kyle T. Webster; Washington City Paper

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