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Poetry Poster Poetry Poster

Annual Parkmont Poetry Festival Posters

Posters to be hung in schools to promote a poetry festival. They needed to be eye-catching, but still feature six poems from previous years and deadline information in a readable way. There were almost no other constraints besides an overall color request from the client. I came up with the concepts and created the imagery.

Parkmont Poetry Festival

Boskone 48 Souvenir Book Cover page 1 spread 1 spead 2

Boskone 48 Souvenir Booklet

Booklet given to convention attendees containing articles and advertising. This is a piece that attendees should want to save as a momento of the convention. I requested “Boskone 48” letterforms from the convention's Artist Guest, Gregory Manchess, as he creates wonderful ones. I created the layout and design to strike a balance between a certain required pagecount and displaying the articles and artist's work to good effect. Cover, title page, table of contents, and sample interior spread shown.

art by Gregory Manchess; Boskone

Rags color graphic Rags greyscale graphic

Web graphic and playbill cover for the show Rags

Digital graphic to be used online at various size. The printed variation was for the playbill cover. Rags is set in early 1900s New York, with a clothing factory fire as a pivotal event. I created the clothesline based off old photos and the statue's hand is from public domain engravings.

The Theatre Lab

Youth Brochure cover spread1 spread2 spread3

Youth Theatre Programs Course Catalog/Brochure

Course catalog to be mailed and handed out. It had to work not only as a course catalog, but also as a promotional piece that would convince children and parents to sign up. Internal typographic design was based off an earlier adult course catalog I had designed, but tweaked for space differences and to give it a more playful, younger feel. I created various watercolor backgrounds to visually tie the piece into The Theatre Lab's new website design. Photographs were chosen by me and the Directors from The Theatre Lab's extensive collection, with an eye to keeping things recent.

The Theatre Lab

Cabaret Invitation cover Cabaret Inviattion outside Cabaret Invitation inside Cabaret standing sign Cabaret program cover Cabaret auction cover

Cabaret Benefit materials

Invitation, signage, program, and auction cover for a fundraising benefit. Branding created by me to be carried across mulitiple pieces for event. I wanted to nod to the main Theatre Lab identity, so I used Futura, as well as purples that were close to the main Theatre Lab pruple. Photographs were chosen by the Directors and me from The Theatre Lab's photo collection.

The Theatre Lab

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